Friday, June 22, 2012

"The Sissy Problem"

This wonderful captioned pic on Princess Andrea's blog (great site btw) really puts things in perspective for us sissy's ( the side by side comparison of sissy and black man). I'm sure every sissy is familiar with the feeling of cumming after a nice girlie session and feeling ashamed, embarrassed etc and telling yourself your done with this stuff and your not dressing up anymore and your going to go back to the way you used to be and like girls. But we all know the truth deep down, your a sissy and there's no denying it and making things even more inevitable is the sissy cockette we typically have between our legs. Lets say for arguments sake we could change our pink stripes and go back to being "men", could I please a women with my small penis? My own gf refuses to have sex with me unless I eat her out first, and the reasons are simple. I have a small sissy dicklette that probably doesn't satisfy her, sometimes it has trouble standing up, and when it does I spurt my sissy milk within 2 mins every time. So why even bother with this silly attempt at man hood. Sissies should simply hand their women over to black men and there massively impressive cocks. Look at the comparisons here and all of these white women lined up for that delicious black cock should be us, sissies, lined up next to our gf's.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

For all you girls who love humiliation at the hands of a sexy women

Like most sissy's I began wanting to be dominated, caught and humiliated by a sexy women. I still do but the involvement of women in my sissy fantasies has decreased as I've progressively become more faggy. One of the big steps in my sissy development was the discovery of sissy phone sex, typically operated by how women who love humiliating and degrading pathetic sissy's like me. There are several great options, one of them and my first is Sissy School, which has lots of hot women who really understand gurls like us. I also checked out Talk Sugar which is very good as well. The best is probably Niteflirt because of the variety. Talk Sugar and Nightflirt are where I met the women who had a bigger influence on my sissy development then anyone else, my Princess, the amazing Princess Jenny. Jenny is so hot words cant describe it and she truly loves humiliating sissys and has made me perform a number of incredibly humiliating and embarrassing sissy tasks, the first I ever did was dance like a slut for her while listening to Lady Gaga, she has also made me do my make up on cam for her, dress up in a frilly sissy bunny outfit and hop around for her with Peeps in my panties, shes seen my get a bj from a boy on webcam and has seen me dressed up giving a bj. I've pledged my loyalty to Jenny countless times and love dressing up for her in embarrassing sissy outfits and I've given her a lot of my money which she rightfully deserves. Check her out at These are a few of my moments with my royal princess. 

How it all began

I'm not going to write a novel on how I began this sissy journey, I believe the story is pretty similar for the vast majority of sissy's. I started with my Mother's panties, I don't know why but ever since I was younger I was drawn to panties, something about them intrigued me, I still remember the first pair I ever tried on, purple satin, full bottomed, I remember the sensation and how I felt they were remarkably comfortable, I also remember wiggling my butt in front of the mirror in the soft purple panties. I was about 10 or 11 at the time and now I'm in my mid twenties, but things haven't changed much, I still love wiggling and mincing in a pretty pair of girly panties, the more fem the better! I gradually began exploring my mothers drawers and closet more and more during my free time and I was lucky enough to eventually discover that my mother had a secret stash of very sexy and racy lingerie hidden in her closet! Thongs, G-strings, stockings, garter belts, corsets and nighty's, I was in sissy heaven and I dove in every time I got a chance when I was home alone. The trend would continue for years and still does, whenever I know I have an extended period of time alone, I break out the sissy gear! 
Hello all.....

There are so many sissy blogs out there now which has served as an inspiration for me to create my own. It also illustrates just how many sissies there are, we are in good company! Like many of you I am a secret sissy, living two separate lives essentially, one as a normal, masculine American man, loving women, sports, friends and all of the other typical "manly" things. Then there's the side that comes out when I'm all alone, the mincing, girly, feminine, gay sissy who just can't help getting all dolled up and acting ultra prissy. Its an odd combination but I know I'm not alone, I've began spreading my sissy wings and becoming increasingly bold in my sissy adventures and while it is frightening I think I may be on a path towards complete sissyness...